Why Choose Third Academy for your Child?

Why? Because it’s special needs education, your child’s way. We’re excited
that you’re looking at Third Academy for your child. We have been helping
children with special needs succeed since opening our school over two decades ago.

Third Academy Student

You may be wondering why you should come and meet with us. Here are
some of the top reasons we know you and your child will love Third Academy:

  1. We assess your child’s learning style.
  2. We create a well-balanced, individualized program for each student. The program is designed to prepare them for re-entry into their community
    school as quickly as possible.
  3. We have assisted thousands of children, enabling them to succeed by
    either equipping them to return to their local school board or graduating
    high school at Third Academy.
  4. We are therapist-teachers who heal the heart first allowing our
    programming to meet the emotional, social, aesthetic, physical, and
    academic needs of our students.
  5. We are educators with a heart, going beyond the call of duty.

We invite you to call us at 403-288-5335 to arrange for a school tour. Stop
worrying; we’re here to help you and your child succeed.