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We believe that the more parents are involved in their child’s education, the better the child will do. Furthermore, volunteerism is a core community value. There are lots of ways that you can volunteer and it should be something fun. Volunteer and help make our community stronger.

Volunteer Opportunities

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Third Academy always has opportunities for members of the community to volunteer. These range from assistance in fundraising to working with our students. The assignment is dependent upon one’s experience and interest. We share a common goal of assisting children. Joining our Parent Advisory Councils is a great way to make a difference.

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As a growing school with a multitude of programs and areas of specialty, we are always looking to add exceptional individuals to our team. Third Academy currently employs approximately 50 professionals. In addition, we assist post-secondary student complete their practicum assignments by providing supervised placements for the right candidate.

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Community Members

Third Academy also has an active network of volunteers. Do you have a passion for working with children special needs? If so, consider Third Academy.


Contact Us

Third Academy helps children succeed. If you are interesting in exploring the possibility of becoming a member of the Third Academy team, email us using the contact form on this website. Please be prepared to reply with a copy of your current resume.