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Update on COVID Health Measures

September 20, 2022

The new year has started and the new COVID reality is upon us. Not as harsh as the past one, but still one that we need to be conscious of.

Further to direction from Alberta Education and Alberta Health Services, we want all parents to be aware that there has been a number of positive cases of students and school bus drivers today and over the weekend.

We are not intending to cause alarm. Rather, it is better that we as a community, are fully aware of the unfolding situation so that we all can make informed choices that are in the best interest of our families.

 At this time and going forward until further notice, all instructional staff and drivers will wear masks. The disruption caused by illness to staff is a major disruption for our students and we want to avoid this. Enhanced cleaning protocols– sanitization of desks, chairs, high contact areas in schools, and schools buses– have been implemented. Plexiglass screens are being placed on student desks. Students are not required to wear masks. You, as a family, can choose to do so if it is the right choice for your family.

 We thank all parents for their understanding and ongoing support. We will report to you as the situation unfolds. 5 more days until we have our 5 day extra long weekend. Let’s keep it together going forward for the sake our students.