Tuesday Nov 19th Busing Update

The snowfall warning for the Calgary area could impact the operation of our school buses today. At this time (5:20 am) we intend to run all bus routes but conditions could change. Our country routes (Langdon and Okotoks buses) are the most likely to face cancellation if the roads worsen but there could be problem areas within the city as well.

Your school bus driver will notify you if we find it necessary to cancel part or all of a school bus route. If you choose to keep your student at home today – as always – please notify your driver by sending a text message.

If snow continues throughout the day, anticipate an early dismissal (i.e., 2:45 pm) so that the school buses are ahead of traffic. On these days students living close to the school are generally dropped off somewhat earlier than usual while those near or at the end of the route arrive at approximately their normal time.

Please keep in mind that your Third Academy school bus drivers are professionals and trained to drive in poor conditions. Our greatest concern during bad weather is not the roads themselves but the other drivers out there.