Skills Canada Alberta Cardboard Boat Race

1 February 2018 at SAIT

Third Academy’s High School students enjoy competing in Skills Canada Alberta Cardboard Boat Race. Teams are provided with cardboard, duct tape, and few other pieces of material and must design, build, and attempt to float a boat across SAIT’s swimming pool. While few teams actually succeed, everyone has a lot of fun!

Hundreds of students participate in the competition from the Calgary region with approximately 80 teams of three students constructing boats. In 2016 Third Academy placed 6th!

This year our Senior High 2 (SH2) Classroom, led by Mr. Peter Lu, placed 11th and our Senior High 1 (SH1) Classroom placing 15th in the overall competition. Our SH1 students, led by Mr. Scott Finney, were also presented with a special award for the Most Dramatic Sinking.