School Buses Plan to Run September 30th 2019

As of 5:45 am on Monday, September 30th, Third Academy plans to run our school buses today as the snow has tapered off and the city and highway crews have done a good job clearing the major roads.

That said, parents always have the choice to keep their children home. The bus ride  this morning will be longer than usual and there is a chance that if conditions deteriorate some of our routes will have to turn around, (1) cancelling further pickups and (2) dropping students already on the bus back at home.

Please do NOT phone your Third Academy bus driver. Please do NOT text your driver to ask where where the bus is. Our drivers do not use their phones while driving under any circumstances and today they will need their full attention on the road. While the bus is running, only send essential messages to your driver.

If you do not want bus service today, please advise your driver by text message. If we do have to cancel a run, you will be notified by your driver.

Thank you for your understanding and together we look forward more seasonable weather on Tuesday, October 1st.