Psychological Evaluations

It is important that Third Academy students have a recent psychological evaluation. Zeljko Puric and his physiology team provide this service for most of our new and current students although some families come to Third Academy with an evaluation done by an external psychologist.

The comprehensive psychological evaluation is used by our instructional staff to develop each student’s Individual Program Plan (IPP). The diagnosis and professional recommendations are used to develop a program tailored to each child’s specific needs, building on the individual’s strengths and providing support in the areas were weaknesses have been identified.


Third Academy serves families with children with a wide range of issues. Many of our students have a learning disability and other coexisting conditions including attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, anxiety, conduct disorder, fetal alcohol syndrome, mood disorders, oppositional defiance disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, Tourette syndrome, and many others.


Some parents express concern that a psychological diagnosis will negatively impact their child by “labeling” them. Our view is based on our therapeutic model. We can best assist special needs children to succeed when we understand what issues they are struggling with. We know that special needs children do best when they receive appropriate, early intervention or treatment. Our professional psychological staff can assist your child in maximizing his or her potential.