Parent Testimonials

Here is what our parents are saying about Third Academy. These testimonials are unedited.


“We are sure our son would have never graduated without the Third Academy and now is looking forward to Post Secondary Education. We would have never believed that this would have been possible 10 years ago.”

“The school has help me and my family in our struggle to make our son life better , the teacher and all the staff are outstanding and very supportive , I call my son teacher any time even on weekend and he still answer all my question even the principal they are very committed to the life of our children”

“For many years our child struggled at school in the public system. Every year was a different school, and a different program. This was difficult for our child academically, socially, and emotionally. We knew something needed to change. We found the Third Academy online, and arranged for a tour. Immediately we knew that we had found the right school. From our child’s first day, up to now we have constantly seen huge improvements in all areas of our child’s life. Third Academy has made so many positive impacts on our child and family that there is no way we could ever thank them enough. Both the teachers and staff are skilled, caring, and understanding of all students needs. We would highly recommend the Third Academy to any family that is looking for an alternative to the public school system.”

“My child started in September 2015 within the first 3 months her entire outlook changed. She became excited to go to school and sometimes even slept with her clothes on so she was ready to go first thing in the morning.”

“Third Academy has changed our family’s life.”

“Any type of special need student can belong here.”

“Our child used to have any different fears and the school has been working with him and he has concord many different fears over the last year.”

“Third Academy has approached my child’s learning with the attitude of “what does success look like for this individual”, vs. What is our curriculum that we know most of the kids will be successful with. Being able to be flexible with smaller class sizes, modified learnings and understanding to each child’s specifics needs has improved my child’s ability to reach his full potential.”

“My children hate missing a day of school as that was not the case schools. Also, Third Academy has been very accommodating to my children’s needs but still offer them a great learning environment”

“My daughter has social anxiety disorder. Her anxiety was extreme at her previous school and she was very unhappy. Since coming to Third Academy a year ago, her anxiety level has improved tremendously. With the help of her teachers, other staff, and therapists, we deal with the many issues she encounters. Everyone works as a team to help my daughter. I am truly grateful.”

“In a Few weeks my son went from faking being sick because he didn’t want to go to school, to being excited to get to class. Teachers at the Third Academy embrace children who have felt like outsiders. They make them feel valued and help them find their voice.”

“Safe place for special needs kids”

“We moved to Calgary specifically for my sons education. When we found The Third Academy we were welcomed with open arms and were made to feel very comfortable. Swing the change in my son’s personality, self esteem, learning ability and overall improvement. We know we made the right choice. They have given us hope for our boy.”

“Our child was diagnosed at a very late age with high-functioning Asperger’s, and we had experienced both excellent and very negative educational environments, and had recently started chronically skipping school. We were becoming increasing worried. Since he was a toddler, we had also spent a lot of time seeking out therapeutic support. When we decided to move to Calgary, we visited several schools that sounded suitable for his needs, and Third Academy came out on top. Their philosophy (emotional wellness before physical and academic achievement) struck a chord with us, and integrated therapy was key. We’ve been with the school now for a year and half. Our child still has a long way to go but we have been very pleased with his progress, changing attitude, empathy, and ability to connect with others. We are very thankful to have found this school.”

“My son has been attending Third Academy for 5 years and his grades and emotional well being have improved since his enrollment. He is proud of his accomplishments and looks forward to his future. I have asked him about if he would like to continue learning at Third Academy and he would like to graduate from this school because he feels safe, and successful while attending. The teachers and staff take a personal interest in the grades and accomplishments of each given student, and they send regular updates by email about upcoming assignments so parents can remind or check up on their child’s progress. They have many field trips and interesting school projects. I think its a great school for children who face challenges the public school fails to address.”

“The school has brought my child around to love learning again

“Bringing our son to the Third Academy has been the best decision we could have made for his emotional well-being, academic enrichment, and opportunities for friendship. It has been five years now, and my husband and I often express our feelings of amazement with the confident and capable young man he is becoming – a credit to his remarkable teachers, and the school environment as a whole.”

“My Child has been attending Third Academy for 5 years, I have seen phenomenal improvements with my child’s school work and behaviour. The Teacher’s and staff go above and beyond to help your child become the best they can be, as well as successful in all aspects of there school work and personal well being. Every child has a unique personality, Third Academy embraces each individual student as if they were there own. There will always be trials and tribulations, with a special needs children and teenagers. Third Academy ensures all their teachers meet their standards and are qualified for all the special needs of students. If I could turn back time, I would have had my child attend Third Academy from the start of his school years. I could write a novel explaining what Third Academy has done for my child, bottom line is, he is there now and will be there till he graduates and is succeeding beyond my expectations, where other facilities said he wouldn’t succeed!”

“At a regular school, our child was a nuisance – there were not resources to help him. He was shamed when he couldn’t make it to school instead of congratulated for coming back the next day. At Third Academy, he is celebrated for the person he is and helped to become a better person.”

“My son hated school – and would self harm every day when we arrived at his traditional school. Since Third Academy – he is excited to go to school, to learn, to interact with students and staff alike. He is now very open to having conversations with people, and he loves to play with other children.”

“I honestly don’t know what I would do without this school”

“Before starting with The Third Academy my children were suffering academically and interpersonally, we waited 3 years to see the progress that they have attained in 6 short months. This school has been a god send for my family!!!I have found The Third Academy to be a safe place for my child. The teachers every year have been a great support in a time where a parent feels so very alone.”