Junior High Trip September 2019

Camp Kiwanis Extended Study Field Trip

Classes: J1, J2, & J3
Dates: September 18th to 20th 2019
Cost: To be determined

To help keep the cost of this extended study travel trip affordable to our families, while providing an exceptional experience for our students, Third Academy is appealing to Friends of Third Academy to sponsor or donate to our Fall 2019 Extended Travel Study Trip Fundraising Campaign.

Click on this link to learn more about this program or to contribute.

Third Academy Junior High Students will be travelling with their teaching teams on Wednesday, September 18th to Camp Kiwanis for a three-day, two-night field school. Students will return to Calgary on Friday, September 20th.

Camp Kiwanis is located west of Calgary, near Bragg Creek, along the Elbow River. Founded by the Calgary Kiwanis Club in 1951, the camp’s mission is to “empower youth to explore, think critically, connect with their communities, and to make the most of life for themselves and others.”




At Camp Kiwanis, Third Academy students will participate in activities to develop their environmental literacy and awareness, with the goal of them being able to make responsible choices to take environmental action. As well, they have an opportunity to be physically active and have fun in the outdoors.

Camp Kiwanis offers excellent facilities for our extended study trip including dorms with washroom facilities and catered food service.