Third Academy Annual Gala: Honouring a Hidden Hero

Third Academy Annual Gala 2018: Celebrating Peter Maher

Third Academy has a tradition of honouring members of our community at our Annual Gala. We call these people “Hidden Heroes” because, while they might not be widely known, they have made a significant impact on the lives of children.

We are delighted to announce that Mr. Peter Maher is Third Academy’s Hidden Hero for 2018.

“We can chalk Third Academy up to the win column. Yeah Baby!” Peter Maher

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Renee and Sandie

About Third Academy’s 2018 Hidden Heros Gala

Our 21st Annual Gala was held on Saturday May 26, 2018 at the Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire with approximately 200 people attending the event.

Third Academy extends our heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make this event possible. Our parents and guardians,  teachers, and other support staff did an outstanding job organizing, promoting, and facilitating our Gala.

We thank everyone that was able to come up and join us in our celebration of Peter Maher. Thank you for helping us make this a memorial evening.

Special thanks go to the celebrities that came out to make this evening so special. In particular, we thank:

Peter Maher, Our Hidden Hero:
Al Coates, Our Special Guest Speaker
Robb Kerr, Our Master of Ceremonies

We would also like to acknowledge all of our special guests that were attendance. This included:

Omnath Channon, Third Academy Patron
Bowdie Bragg, Treasurer, Third Academy Board
Jeevan Mangat, Director, Third Academy Board
Manu Chugh, Director, Third Academy Board
Zeljko Puric, Director, Third Academy Board
John Crosser, Former Chairman, Third Academy Board
Bharti Singh, Former Principal, Third Academy
Don Andrews, Former Director, Calgary Board of Education
Rehana Mattu, Principal, Third Academy Elementary
Joe Smith, Principal, Third Academy Junior/Senior High
Dr. S. Lal Mattu, Third Academy Founder & Deep Mattu

Finally, we want thank the following Sponsors that are supporting our 21st Annual Gala. Without your support, this event would not have been possible.

Table Sponsors

Sunil Mattu
Dr. S. Lal Mattu
Joe Smith
Bruce Freeman
Dr. Tommy Chan Professional Corporation
Doug Olafson

Parking Sponsor: Dr. S. Lal Mattu

Dessert Sponsor


Decorations Sponsor

Travel Sponsor


Donations of Goods and Services

Fish Creek Location: Chris Curwen Owner

Great Clips Deer Run Calgary


Kevin & Laurie Fredland

Bamboo Retreat & Spa

Deanne Ford

Showcase Chinook

Pet Value Deer Run

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