Enroll Your Child for the 2018-2019 School Year

We are enjoying the warm weather outside, and hope that you and your families are having a great relaxing summer.

Inside Third Academy, we are busy preparing to have everything in order for your children to return to school in September. If you are considering Third Academy as the school of choice for your child for the 2018-2019 school year, it is urgent that you act quickly to have your child enrolled.

The first step is to please contact our Executive Director, Mr. Sunil Mattu, at smattu@thirdacademy.ca or phone 403-690-1408 as soon as possible. He will inform you about the enrollment process, fees, and how to obtain an application.

When school is in session, the next step would be for you and your child to visit the school by attending a scheduled tour conducted by Mr. Mattu, to have you and your child experience our staff and students in the everyday school setting. With that being said, as school is not yet in session, we would love to arrange to meet with you to discuss how we could help and be there for your child. We will do the best we can to provide you with a complete understanding of our approach to special education and you will have the opportunity for us to answer all your questions.

As a final note, it is our strong belief that no child should be denied the educational opportunities we provide because of financial circumstances. Please inquire about the bursaries available to our families.

Our vision is “student success”, and our mission is “to provide the best possible education by creating a positive, safe and caring, success oriented learning environment and by developing significant relationships with our students with special needs.” –Third Academy

Mission Statement “We are educators with a heart: caring, committed, qualified, understanding, accepting, loyal, thinking and feeling and acting outside of the box, going beyond the call of duty, and who are ultimately flexible.” – Third Academy Fourth Pillar 

We invite you to arrange to meet with us to discuss how we can show you how Third Academy can help your child succeed!