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Psychology Staff

Many special needs students have faced a negative experience in their learning before attending The Third Academy. Lack of success leads to a lack of motivation. Frustration in learning can lead to anger.

Zeljko Puric, Chief Psychologist and Clinical Supervisor

Third Academy also has a number of post-graduate psychology intern students completing their practicum requirements under the supervision of Mr. Puric.


Our Services

Psychological Services

Our students and parents tell us that one of the services they appreciate most about the Third Academy is our ability to provide timely and appropriate psychological assistance. Students are referred to our psychologists by parents and teachers and provided with counselling and advice. Our psychological staff are highly experienced with the issues are students experience. Moreover, they know our students.

Many parents say that we preform miracles by completing psycho-educational assessments in a matter of weeks. All too many families tell us that they have been waiting for years for these evaluations in the public system.

Psychological Counselling

Those students who require counselling can meet with a Registered Psychologist/Counsellor. The psychotherapy that students are provided assists the underlying emotional issues that may be an obstacle to their learning.

Private counselling clients – children, adults, and families – can also be provided by appointment.


Psych-Educational Assessments

To meet Alberta Education requirements, a Registered Psychologist must assess students to determine if they do indeed have a special need. These assessments must be current, no older than three years, in order to be regarded as valid.

Students who require a psycho-educational assessment can meet with a Registered Psychologist. The entire assessment process, from testing to debriefing of the written report, can be completed within two weeks.
There is a fee for this service.

Private assessments can also be completed by appointment.

Please contact Third Academy  for more information about these services.