Principals’ Welcome

We are all students of life . . .

… growing through our daily experiences, relationships and interactions with the world. Third Academy is pleased to be a school of choice that offers specialized education to over 150 amazing special needs students of life.

For 20 years, our focus has been on healing, inspiring and educating children with various abilities, to ensure they gain the emotional, social, behavioral and learning skills that will support them throughout their lives. With a dedicated team of professionals- teachers, psychologists, SLP/OT therapists, instructional support staff and school bus drivers- we are able to deliver exceptional learning in a caring and compassionate environment.

As every child is unique, our programming is individualized, well-balanced and utilizes a multitude of learning strategies and tools. We teach what students need, the way they need it and never lose sight of well-rounded learning. Students are offered equal opportunities and every child is encouraged to believe in themselves. Ultimately, it’s all about student success!

Our doors are always open and we invite you to visit us any time. We are all part of a larger community and together we will continue to achieve success for our children and families.

Rehana Mattu, Principal
Joe Smith, Principal