Zeljko Puric

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Zeljko Puric BA, MSc, Registered Psychologist, is Third Academy’s Chief Psychologist. He was born in Sarajevo, Province of Bosnia and Herzegovina, of the former Yugoslavia. Zeljko studied Psychology at the Belgrade University (Faculty of Philosophy/Study Group Psychology). At Belgrade University, in the Faculty of Medicine, he studied Medical Psychology and obtained a Diploma as a Specialist in Medical Psychology, an official title for Clinical Psychology in the former Yugoslavia.

Zeljko joined the Institute for Health Protection in Belgrade in 1977. There, he was in charge of the Psychology Counselling Bureau and worked as a consultant for the Center for Alcoholism Prevention and Therapy. He was a member and a Vice President of the Board of Directors of the Institute. He also worked as a professor at the Police College, lecturing on themes including General Psychopathology and Social Psychology. Besides the psychodiagnostics and psychotherapy, he participated independently and as a team member on several research projects. For his professional work, Zeljko was awarded the “Federal Medal for Work” in 1989.
Zeljko immigrated to Canada in 1995 where, in Calgary, he has held many positions as a practicing psychologist. He worked at Woods Homes as a therapist in the Exceptional Needs and Stabilization Program. At the Calgary Family Service Bureau, he worked as a first language counsellor for clients from the former Yugoslavia. He worked for the Calgary Catholic Immigration Society as a therapist in the Victims of Torture Program. Zeljko was a member of Calgary Immigrant Aids Society’s Mosaic Program. He was also a guest speaker for the Calgary Police Service Multicultural Course.

Zeljko was one of the original members of Third Academy which was founded in 1997. He was appointed as the first Chairperson of the Board of Directors for the Third Academy, a position he held from 1997 to 2005. He continues to serve as member of Third Academy’s Board of Directors.

At Third Academy, Zeljko oversees all psychological services. He also supervises Practicum Students registered in university counselling programs as well as Provisional Psychologists. Additionally, Zeljko provides counselling services through his private practice.
Zeljko has been a member of the Sarajevo Psychological Association since 1976 and a member of both the College of Alberta Psychologists and the Psychological Association of Alberta since 1986.