Susan Choy

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Susan has an Education Assistant Certificate from University of Calgary, a Behavioural Strategies Certificate from Mount Royal University, and an Autism Certificate from the Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute (CTRI). Susan also has taken her certification in Iyengar Yoga and is currently working towards a certificate in Yoga for Students with Special Needs.

Susan worked as an Education Assistant at Calgary’s Westmount Charter School with twice-exceptional (2e) students and loved every second of it. After working there for seven years, Susan decided it may be time for a new challenge and considered that Third Academy might be a good fit. After meeting with Sunil Mattu, Third Academy’s Executive Director, and seeing the wonderful relationships students had with their teachers and with each other, Susan decided this was the place for her and promptly accepted an offer of employment. Susan joined our Junior High 1 (J1) Classroom as an Instructional Assistant in January 2018.

Susan loves each of her students and enjoys building solid relationships. Figuring out what makes each student “tick” is close to Susan’s heart, so that she can best support and encourage them.

Susan believes that behind every successful student is at least one adult who cared for them, supported, protected, and guided them. Third Academy is a place where every student is supported to be the best they can be.