Sonita Bhavra

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Mrs. Bhavra joined Third Academy in the spring of 2016 and currently teaches in the E4 classroom. Her students like to refer to her as Mrs. B and she is their go to for all things scientific. With a love of science and expertise in biology, she loves teaching about the human body and how it works.

She holds a BSc. in Biological Sciences as well as a BEd degree. Mrs. B credits the teachers she had growing up and their mentorship for motivating her to become a teacher herself.

“My teaching approach is student centered. Students learn in different ways and require different methods of teaching. I try to incorporate many different teaching styles including inquiry based learning in my lessons,” explains. Mrs. B.

When not in the classroom or working with students you will find Mrs. B busy with her own family. She is married and has an eight year old son and a four year old daughter. Reading, cooking, hiking, shopping and spending time with family and friends are her passions. Plus she can make amazing chocolate chip banana bread!