Scott Finney

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High school is where it’s at for Mr. Finney. Now in his eight year with Third Academy, he teaches grades 10, 11, and 12. He holds a Bachelor of History Degree as well as a Bachelor of Education. His personal passion for learning and the idea of teaching students intellectual self defense and how to develop a strong social conscience are what drew him to becoming a teacher.

“My teaching philosophy is to teach kids to develop intelligence, respect, and skepticism for robust participation in the 21st century global community. With this integrated approach they will be able to explore and expand their learning exponentially and have greater positive impact on the world,” states Mr. Finney.

Outside of work, Mr. Finney likes to spend his spare time engaging in various forms of physical activity. He enjoys studying academic subjects such as calculus, physics, astronomy, chemistry, and biology, and is a former National competitor in Ice Dancing.