Renee Rideout

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As the Administrative Assistant at Third Academy, Renee is likely the first person you will see when you enter the school or the first voice you will hear on the phone when you call in. For the past four years Renee has been providing ongoing support to the administrative team. She’s a master multi-tasker and the one who keeps all of the little details sorted so that the school can run smoothly.

“With so much happening at the school every day, there is plenty of work to do and never a dull  moment,” says Renee. “I really enjoy assisting all of our wonderful students, parents, and staff because Third Academy feels like a big family to me. Be assured that when you contact me, I’ll do my very best to find the answers to your questions!”

When she’s not at her desk or scurrying around helping others, Renee enjoys spending her time with family and being outdoors.