Rehana Mattu

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Third Academy is truly a large part of Mrs. Mattu’s heart as she started working at the school within the first year that it opened. She has always had a love for children and enjoyed working with them from an early age. With a Bachelor of Education, she has taught for 20 years and at various Third Academy campuses and grade levels, and was appointed Principal in 2015.

“Every child not matter what age or stage of development, is capable of learning. I pursued education because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of children and to inspire them to learn and explore the world around them. Seeing the look of pride on a child’s face when they realize that they ‘got it!’ is priceless and so fulfilling.”

When not at school, Mrs. Mattu spends time with her own family. She is married, has three beautiful children, two dogs and a cat, and loves the outdoors, hiking, cooking, baking and hosting gatherings with friends. She has also lived on three different continents!