Mila Reyes

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Hi! My name is Mrs. Reyes, and I am the Instructional Assistant for the J1 Classroom in Junior High.  I have been working as an Instructional Assistant for more than 7 years. Prior to joining Third Academy in March 2018 to work with elementary students in the E3 Classroom, I worked with Calgary Catholic Board of Education .

I was born in Venezuela. My elementary schooling was done in the United States. I then returned to Venezuela, completed my secondary education and graduated in Administration. I moved to Canada in the year 2000 and completed an Educational Assistant Diploma. I speak 3 languages: Spanish, Italian, and English. My favorite things to do are hiking, riding bicycle, cooking, reading, and spending time with my 16 year old daughter.

This school year will be filled with education opportunities that will guide the students’ growth, leading to student success!