Lori Commet

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When was young I always wanted to be a teacher. I enrolled in a Bachelor of Education program and completed 3 years of the program before life took me on a detour. I got married, had four amazing children, and found myself too busy to finish my degree. My life has always been full of helping people. I found myself volunteering at my childrens’ schools three to four days a week for many years. I love helping children learn!

Eventually I found myself wanting a part time job, returned to school, and got a Pharmacy Technician diploma. I have been working in pharmacy for 18 years. I love knowing that what I do helps people to live happier and healthier lives.

Four years ago my daughter Hailey went to school to get her Education Assistant certificate. She started teaching at Third Academy and her passion and excitement reignited in me the wish to be back at a school helping students. I started volunteering with her classes and found myself spending every moment I had off from my job in the school volunteering in the classroom. My volunteering brought me to a position at Third Academy as an Instructional Assistant. I love every minute that I spend in the school helping children grow and learn. There is nothing more amazing than watching our children evolve every day. I am truly blessed to be given the opportunity to spend my days here.