Jolaine Neild

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Mrs. Neild was certainly meant to be a teacher as she was born in the year of the teacher, the month of the teacher, and the week of the teacher according to her birthday horoscope. Plus as a child, it was her dream to grow up and teach children.

This is Mrs. Neild’s second year at Third Academy and she is teaching E1. She has been teaching special needs for 11 years and has a Bachelor of Education degree and an Early Childhood Montessori Diploma. She has also taken two years of sign language and incorporates it into her teaching.

“I believe that every child is special and unique and, therefore, should have a customized program that draws on their strengths and works on areas that they have difficulties, within a loving and caring environment. For me it is important to use positive language when correcting a child and give genuine praise when they succeed in learning,” she explains. Creating a class that grows together and where students can support and lift each other up, fosters confidence in her students, as well as encourages personal development.

Mrs. Neild has been married for 18 years and has a beautiful 16 year old daughter. She loves to read and is an action movie enthusiast. She also really enjoys spending time with extended family, especially her twin nieces.