Hailey Commet

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Yes, we know what you are thinking . . . her name really is Hailey Commet. The story is that her mom was certain that she was a boy and told her dad he could name her if she was a girl. He wanted her to be a once in a lifetime experience for the people she encountered in life. The rest is history.

Ms. Commet comes to our school with an Educational Assistant Certificate and is currently working on her Bachelor of Arts majoring in English, as well as my Bachelors of Education at St. Mary’s University. This is her third year as an Instructional Assistant and she is dedicated to looking at each student as an individual with unique qualities and ways of thinking.

“I believe in allowing students to voice their wants and needs. It is important to know how your students learn best and areas that they show interest in. I can always create relationships with my students by showing interest in them and what they care about,’ explains Ms. Commet.

Her love for children and teaching continues to grow with time in the classroom. She has always had a passion for sharing her knowledge with others and helping them achieve their goals. Developing a love of learning in the early years of her student’s education is key.

Ms. Commet currently lives in my very busy home with her mom and three siblings; and her dogs! She absolutely loves baseball, dinosaurs and learning about the world as it was before us.