Francine Wiwchar

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Mrs. Wiwchar joined Third Academy this school year as the Senior High School Liberal Arts Teacher. She is responsible for teaching all Senior levels of English and Social Studies, Junior and Senior High Art and Drama, and Calm 20. With a Bachelor of Education Degree and seven years of teaching experience, Mrs. Wiwchar comes to us from from Edmonton, having spent her career with the Edmonton Public School Board.

Mrs. Wiwchar brings her passion for the Arts and extensive experience with Art Education to Third Academy. She believes strongly in incorporating Art Education across the curriculum, and believes that it is essential in building confidence, connection, empathy, and self expression in our special education students. Art Education is an ideal catalyst for forming a connection with students, which is an essential element to a special education student’s success.

Mrs. Wiwchar is trained in the Mind Up Curriculum and Growth Mindset, Zones of Regulations, and has ASIST certification. Special education students at The Third Academy will benefit from learning growth mindset concepts and incorporating the practice throughout their learning.

Outside of teaching at Third Academy, you will find her exploring Calgary and the Rocky Mountains with husband, daughters, and goldendoodle.