Christos Kazyas

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The year was 2009 and I found myself living in the Arctic (Lutsel’Ke, NWT). After 3 years of exploring our Great White North, I met my future wife who was practicing law in Calgary. Accordingly, I decided to look into teaching jobs in Calgary. In my research I came across Third Academy, and I was absolutely impressed by the teaching model practiced. Upon visiting the campus I immediately fell in love with it and I convinced Sunil Mattu that he could not survive without me.

The best part of teaching for me is getting to create relationships with young adults. At Third Academy one of our most important goals before we can truly educate children is to breakdown barriers so that we can get to know each one. Building strong relationships is the key to success.

I am the senior lead high teacher and nothing makes me more proud than Graduation Day. Knowing full well the major obstacles most of our student body must overcome and then to see them achieve all their academic goals is truly inspiring for me.