Cara Dirani

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Cara completed a diploma in Child and Youth Care Worker with Addictions Support at Eastern College, Prince Edward Island.

“As someone who always tries to understand the reason behind a child’s behavior, I love that at Third Academy we consistently try to put ourselves in our students’ shoes to better understand where they come from and why they do the things they do, or why they don’t do what they don’t do. We take the time to learn their family history and background, so that we are better prepared and equipped to handle their little hearts in our hands and build positive and caring relationships, for as long as they are with us.”

“We focus on healing the heart first and, from the day they walk in those front doors, we provide a safe, stable, and consistent environment where the students are accepted for who they are, no matter their circumstance, so that they can thrive and work towards being the best version of themselves. “