Afisha Jiwani

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Mrs. Jiwani joined Third Academy in 2016 and is teaching in the E4 Classroom this year.

A graduate from the University of Alberta with a specialty in teaching reading, Mrs. Jiwani has also taken courses to specialize in English as a Second Language and Special Education at York University. Before returning to Alberta, she worked for the Toronto District School Board. She has also worked at a private school in Okotoks and home education students registered with the Center for Learning at Home. For the last 5 years, she has taught kindergarten students with special education needs.

“I believe that all children are individuals and have different learning styles and it is my job as a teacher to facilitate them and help them become lifelong learners and achieve their personal best,” explains Mrs. Jiwani. “I have a passion for reading and love children’s books. I have an extensive collection of children’s books and my goal as a teacher is to create a love for reading in all my students.”

Mrs. Jiwani is married with two children – a boy and a girl – both currently attending university. She is an active volunteer on the weekends with a program helping parents with children aged 3 to 36 months. She also has a passion for decorating homes and retail shopping!

She was born in Uganda, Africa and also lived in England. It is these experiences that she feels have helped shape who she is today. Mrs. Jiwani dreams of someday traveling to exotic lands to help build schools in underdeveloped counties.