Calgary Deep Freeze!

Winter has arrived with a vengeance in Calgary. We are far below average seasonal temperatures and, after such a mild winter last year, we can really feel the chill.

Please ensure that your child is dressed adequately – from head to foot – for winter conditions, especially if your child rides a school bus or Calgary Transit. While infrequent, breakdowns due occasionally occur. Unexposed skin can freeze in just 10 minutes at minus thirty degrees Celsius.


Your Transportation Manager monitors weather and traffic conditions and in severe conditions will cancel Third Academy bus service if safely is a concern. We recognize that our families rely on us to get their children to and from school but we will not transport them by bus if there is any doubt about safely. As our school buses are a shared service, the bus might have to enter ten or more communities on its route, a considerable journey compared to a direct trip from home to school.

If we cancel your bus route, your driver will contact you early in the morning to inform you whether the cancellation is for the morning only or for the full day. Irrespective of weather, our school will be open and we encourage you to drive your children to school (and from school, if it bus service is cancelled for the entire day) if you feel you can do so safely.