Buses Running: Thursday, Nov 28th

We will be running our school buses today but it could be a slow drive in if volume is high. As always, parents have a choice whether they have their students take the school but please let your driver know if chose to drive your children to and/or from school or keep them home. Please keep in mind:

  • There could be delays. Never call your bus driver. They will update you when possible to do so
  • Have your child dress for the weather. Diesel buses do not heat up when idling such as in traffic jams
  • Make sure your child has something to keep amused during a long drive. An electronic device helps break the monotony.
  • Anticipate the possibility of an early bus dismissal. For those families living close to the school, your driver will notify you in advance if we will be dropping students off early. Those living further from the school should expect their children to arrive home at or near their usual drop off time if we have an early dismissal.