Bus Start Up

Third Academy is running school bus eight routes for the 2018-2019 school year with service both in and outside of Calgary. Students have been assigned to routes and their drivers will doing dry runs over the Labour Weekend. Our drivers will be contacting parents and guardians either Sunday or Monday to introduce themselves and provide approximate pickup times. Because we will be driving to new students houses and traffic patterns will change dramatically on Monday, September 4th, please anticipate that your bus will likely be running late.

Be sure to write down your driver’s name and school cell phone number. As we do not accept telephone calls while driving and it takes a long time to check a voice mail message, please use text messaging to communicate with your driver.

There is a possibility that some students were not included on our bus lists. If you do not hear from a bus driver over the holiday weekend, please email Bruce Freeman at bfreeman@thirdacademy.ca so that I can investigate the problem when I arrive at school on Tuesday morning. If possible, bring your child to school in your own vehicle. Please note that as I drive a bus route, I will not be able to respond until later Tuesday morning.

As Third Academy serves so many different communities, many of them in new communities, our school bus startup always takes a few days to work out all the kinks. We appreciate your patience!