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Making Third Academy affordable

Third Academy was founded on the premise that it would be a community school that serves all families with students with special needs, regardless of ‘ability to pay’ tuitions. We have served the public good since 1997 by:

    • operating as a registered charity
    • making our fee structure as affordable as possible
    • applying a “sliding scale” to tuition so that families pay fees based on their ability to pay
    • offering flexible payment plans to manage your budget
    • partnering with the Prosser Charitable Foundation and Ritvik Bale Memorial Fund and other supporters-as well as offering the Gift of Literacy Bursary program- to enable all families to afford to attend
    • relying on the volunteer commitment of families to offset the costs associated with operating the school for the benefit of the community as a whole

For more inforamtion on bursaries, please contact Sunil Mattu, Head of Schools at 403-690-1408 or smattu@thirdschools.ca