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Faculty and Staff

Renee Rideout
Renee Rideout
Renee grew up in Heart’s Content, a small coastal town in Newfoundland. She moved to Calgary in 1998, a planned temporary move which resulted in a permanent stay. In 2004 she welcomed a beautiful daughter into her life. At this time, Renee studied Social Anthropology at the University of Calgary, but changed her career path in 2009 when she had the opportunity to work in the private school setting. In 2014 she accepted a Administrative Assistant position at the Third Academy, and has been part of this wonderful team ever since. In 2020 she was happy to take on the role of Registrar as the school expanded into Third Schools, and added ursa and LYNX to the Third Academy family.

Outside of work Renee enjoys spending time with family, and her interests are in art, cake and cookie decorating, training her new Chion pup, and taking long summertime walks.