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Faculty and Staff

Christine Gregoire-Lauzon
Christine Gregoire-Lauzon
Teacher Elementary
Mrs. Christine Gregoire-Lauzon is the E1 teacher at the East Campus. She relocated to the Calgary area from Toronto this past summer with her husband, two children (6 and 9) and Finnegan (her Old English Sheep Dog.) When she is not in the classroom, Christine has been enjoying exploring the new province and enjoying the mountains. Her and her family currently reside in High River, AB. She is always looking for recommendations to check out, so be sure to stop by E1!

Christine has taught K-12 within the Public and Private system in Ontario. She has spent the last 10 years in Montessori, acting as the Principal of a mid-sized school. She was drawn to Private and Charter education after witnessing the challenges and struggles many students face when moving through the public school system. She appreciates that schools like Third Academy can tailor education to suite a child’s learning style on an individual basis. She values the pedagogy of teaching the whole child- understanding that a child’s success is more than academic; but rather encompasses social-emotional development. Christine has a concrete understanding that a child is a part of a larger community of parents, guardians, siblings, etc. and along with past experiences, helps to form the child that comes to Third Academy. She prides herself on gaining a firm understanding of all contextual influences that could affect a child’s learning, and then providing a unique experience that will optimize success.