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Faculty and Staff

Adhiti Nair
Adhiti Nair
Teacher Elementary
Adhiti Nair joined Third Academy in 2022 and is excited to be teaching the E2 class for the 2023-2024 school year.

She graduated from the education program at the University of Calgary with a specialization in Inclusive Education and a Bachelors in Sociology. Throughout student teaching, her students had mild to moderate cognitive disabilities. From this experience she realized how much she loved supporting students with special needs. It has been so rewarding for her to watch students’ progress throughout the year.

Outside of her schooling, Adhiti worked with families to provide respite care. Providing this for families reinforced her love for supporting students with special needs. In seeking similar opportunities, she discovered Third Academy. When looking into the school Adhiti realized Third Academy philosophy and values were in alignment with her own. Adhiti was thrilled to receive the opportunity to work with a diverse group of students in E2 and help them progress in their learning and abilities. Third Academy’s approach allows Adhiti to give students the support they need to be successful, regardless of their needs.

Outside of the classroom, she enjoys being in nature as much as possible along with creating and displaying her own art pieces. She hopes to bring these elements into the classroom. In addition, she spends free time with the past families she has worked with to maintain the close relationships she has built. Adhiti is looking forward to building meaningful relationships with all students and creating a sense of classroom community.