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Student Success!



To provide the best possible education by creating a positive, safe & caring, success oriented learning environment and developing significant relationships with our students with special need.



  • We believe in developing open and honest relationships based on mutual respect that touch the heart.
  • We serve families of students with special learning needs.
  • We believe it is the responsibility of and therefore takes the whole community in partnership to raise a child.
  • We are educators with a heart: caring, committed, qualified, understanding, accepting, loyal, thinking and feeling and acting ‘outside of the box’, going ‘beyond the call of duty’, and who are ultimately flexible.
  • We are therapist-teachers who heal the heart first: programming thereby can meet the emotional, social, esthetic, physical, and academic needs of our students.
  • We believe in developing best practices through turning professional development into professional practice.
  • We are accountable, not only to Alberta Education in meeting standards and fiscal requirements, but directly to the families that we serve.