Tara Power

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Tara Power


I grew up with a sibling that would have benefited immensely from teachers who saw their role as therapists first and educators second. His experience in school was less than ideal; however, one particular teacher took the time to connect with my brother and develop a relationship and was able to set him up for success. I wanted to be that teacher, someone able to make a difference, someone to take the time to understand children that think outside of the box instead of demanding that they colour in the lines.

I teach primarily through inquiry based projects and art immersion. Our children deserve an education that is tailored to their curiosity and their creativity! They deserve a learning environment that encourages them to grow and allows them to take risks. Art enables children to express themselves in ways that standardized tests can’t detect. Art allows children freedom of expression that fill-in-the-blanks hinder. And art allows viewers to see first who the child is and secondly what they want to share with us.

Tara Kerr, B.Ed. B.Sc. – Psych
Teacher, E1 Classroom