Tanya Stein

team member

Tanya Stein

Teacher, Third Academy North

Education: B.Ed, M.Ed

What brought you to TTA: I had the opportunity to move out West after teaching in Montreal for 7 years . My teaching experience has always been with children with special needs and I wanted to continue my career in Calgary.

How does TTA program  model complement your approach to education: I believe that every child should have an opportunity to learn and succeed in school. Unfortunately, this is not always possible due to the demands of the mainstream classroom. The Third Academy offers smaller classes, greater opportunities for individualized instruction, flexible programming, and meaningful relationships between students and staff.

What excites you about special needs education and your assigned class: Every day is different. There’s no better feeling than seeing the students arrive to school happy and excited to learn, eager to see what is waiting for them.  They persevere when things become challenging and are so incredibly proud when they reach new milestones.