Sachia Sproule

team member

Sachia Sproule

Instructional Assistant

She may no longer have funky magenta pink hair, but Ms. Sproule is still plenty of fun and busy working with elementary students at Third Academy. Going into her second year here, she comes with various experience in education and working with students with special needs, especially autism. She holds an Education Assistant Certificate and is also a SAIT trained chef.

Ms. Sproule enjoys the co-instuctional model as it allows teachers to bring their greatest strengths together for the benefit of the students. She also aspires to bring calm to her students, as when the body is calm, the brain is available for learning. Having worked with various occupational therapists and physical therapists to help children with sensory challenges, she has developed various strategies to help calm students.

“My instructional approach is to hold high standards for the children and support them in a way that they need to reach their goals. Children need to know that they are valued, loved, cared for and safe. They know that I have high expectations for them and they want to work hard for me. They also know that we are here to help them learn in their own way.  Each child is a gift and I want them to know that they are a very important part of our class, school and society,’ explains Ms. Sproule.

When asked why she became an instructional assistant, Ms. Sproule says it is her love of children and passion for helping them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. “I love building confidence in our students and we have a great team of people who are all dedicated to thier learning.”

At home, Ms. Sproule has a wonderful partner and amazing teenage daughter. In her spare time she enjoys knitting, crocheting, sewing and gardening. She’s also learning how to do beadwork and loves making meals and spending time with friends.