Emmanuel Junsay

team member

Emmanuel Junsay

Instructional Assistant
  • Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSE) Major Music
  • Bachelor of Church Music (BCM) Major Choir Conducting

What brought you to the Third Academy?
It’s basically my son, Ethan who has Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), brought me to Third Academy. My wife and I were making query about the school and its respectable programs for Ethan’s admission. Third Academy’s Exective Director, Sunil Mattu, asked about my educational background – teaching music. I provided my resume, was interviewed, and was offered a position. But it never ends there. This is just the beginning.

What excites you about special needs education and your assigned class?
Challenge and opportunity excites me on this special journey. I am here because of a certain purpose: teaching kids and not teaching music alone. I am here to touch the very life of each student I am with; through music, sooner or later they can face the world with confidence and the knowledge they learned from me and the entire school as a whole.

How does Third Academy’s approach complement your pedagogical practice?
The very essence of living is how to survive to the place where you live in. I believe Third Academy prepares each child with special needs to create skills and mold their talents to make their life better. Academics plays an important role in our modern world but, without life (survival) skills, or merely simple talents, individuals cannot appreciate life itself. Third Academy uses tools of technology so that these kids could blend in, the best way possible, to thrive in the future ahead.