Arran Daniels

team member

Arran Daniels

Instructional Assistant

Grade 7 ~ Class J1

Mr. Daniels has been with Third Academy for five years and has a varied background that includes working in hospitals, nursing homes, group homes, and at a summer residential camp that provides outdoor adventure based programs for children and adults with disabilities and medical conditions. His experience is varied and his passion for supporting and encouraging others prevails.

Making a connection with students is at the heart of his classroom approach. “Every students is someone I want to know. If we don’t love our students, we can’t expect them to start trusting us and be open to learning with us,’ states Mr. Daniels.

Originally from Scotland, Mr. Daniels is a world traveler who has seen over 30 countries and intends to add more to the list. He visited Canada in 2009 and immediately called Alberta home. His students say his big laugh sounds like a drowning pig, but he doesn’t mind. He is always there for them and, if they are sick or hurt, he will be there to comfort them and clean up their wounds.

In his spare time Mr. Daniels enjoys hanging out with his dog Herman and puppy Addy, and many friends from Camp. It is these friends and his peers at Third Academy that are his family.