Andrea Hasnain

team member

Andrea Hasnain

Teacher, Third Academy North

Education: Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor of Education

What brought you to Third Academy? I had recently moved to Calgary from Toronto, and was looking to continue my career in a special education school. I worked in special education in Ontario for 4 years.

How does the Third Academy program model complement your approach to education? I believe that every child can succeed in school when given the proper accommodations and programming. The Third Academy allows teachers to modify curriculum, offer individualized programming, and foster a loving and respectful relationship between staff and students.

What excites you about special needs education and your assigned class? I have spent my entire career working in special education, and I truly believe it is my calling as a teacher. I believe that I have a lot to give back to the students, and I love the inclusive attitude of special education. I really enjoy working with the younger children, so the E2 Classroom is the perfect fit for me. The students are all so sweet and eager to learn. It can be a challenge some days, but also so rewarding! They are a great group, and it is so fun to teach them!