Faculty and Staff

We pride ourselves on the dedication and hard work of our educational and professional staff. It is the combined efforts, passion, and commitment to students that makes Third Academy a sought after school for children with special education needs.



MATTU, Sunil (Executive Director)
MATTU, Dr. S. Lal Mattu (Ambassador at Large)
ALEXANDER, Blessy (Accountant Assistant)
ALEXANDER, Sabu (Chief Accountant)
FREEMAN, Bruce (Communications Officer & Transportation Manager)
RIDEOUT, Renee (Administrative Assistant)


PURIC, Zeljko (Chief Psychologist)
ADIGUN, Dotum (Provisional Psychologist)
BERGERON, Nancy (Provisional Psychologist)
KEOWN, Carrie (Provisional Psychologist)
LOGAN, Mikaela (Provisional Psychologist)
ARIES, Claire (Psychology Practicum Student)
DEROSE, Julie (Psychology Practicum Student)
JANSEN, Katerina (Psychology Practicum Student)
MAIDMENT, Margaret (Psychology Practicum Student)
MASON, Rhonda (Psychology Practicum Student)
INKSTER, Michelle (Speech and Language Pathologist)
MARSH, Ashely-Dawn (Occupational Therapist)
NYBERG, Jen (Autism Specialist)


Elementary: Third Academy North

MATTU, Rehana (Principal)
JIWANI, Afisha (Associate Principal Element/Teacher)
BHAVRA, Sonita (Teacher)
BRAGG, Joanne (Instructional Assistant)
COMMET, Hailey (Instructional Assistant)
COMMET, Lori (Instructional Assistant)
GALBETI, Su’di (Teacher)
IRVINE, Ashley (Teacher)
LIESKE, Kurtis (Teacher)
MCBRIDE, Dianna (Instructional Assistant)
NEILD, Jolaine (Teacher)
MITHA, Nashrin (Instructional Assistant)
TASHTANALIEVA, Jibek (Instructional Assistant)

Junior & Senior High: Third Academy South

MATTU, Rehana (Acting Principal)
KAZYAS, Christos (Associate Principal Junior-Senior High/Teacher)
CAMBRIDGE, Derek (Teacher)
CHOY, Susan (Instructional Assistant)
FINNEY, Scott (Teacher)
GILLESPIE, David (Teacher – Drama)
GILLULEY, Tracy (Teacher)
HICKLING, Jenna (Instructional Assistant)
KNAPP, James (Instructional Assistant)
KWANTES, Allison (Teacher)
LU, Peter (Teacher)
PHILLIPS, Kevin (Instructional Assistant)
SMITH, Michelle (Teacher)
SMITH, Tim (Instructional Assistant)