Tuition and Fees

Making Third Academy Accessible

Third Academy is affordable and accessible to families of all income levels. We recognize that for many parents or guardians, tuition fees represent a concern when considering enrolling their child in an independent school. At the same time, parents know that their child is not succeeding in their current school and would greatly benefit from the individualized programming and specialized supports that Third Academy offers. We want to assure you that no child will be refused enrollment at Third Academy due to their parents inability to pay.

Accessible School

Making Third Academy Affordable


Third Academy was founded on the premise that it would be a community school that serves families with students with special needs. We have accomplished this since 1997 by:

  • operating as a registered charity
  • making our fee structure as affordable as possible
  • applying a “sliding scale” to tuition so that families pay fees based on their ability to pay
  • offering flexible payment plans to manage your budget
  • partnering with the Prosser Charitable Foundation and other supporters, as well as offering the Gift of Literacy Bursary program, to enable families to afford to attend
  • relying on the volunteer commitment of families to offset the costs associated with operating the school for the benefit of the community as a whole

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Contact Third Academy Now

Irrespective of your family’s financial situation, do not assume that Third Academy is beyond your reach. If your child is struggling in school, call us today to schedule a Third Academy tour. You will find out more about Third Academy and we can find out more about how to support you child’s learning. Third Academy is currently accepting applications for the 2022 – 2023 School Year.